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Darul Makmur Mosque fulfils the thirst for Islamic knowledge regardless of age. From as young as 4 years old, Darul Makmur open doors to Islamic knowledge through various units to reach out to the Muslim society and provide a place for the congregation to learn and understand the concepts of Islam and religious knowledge.


The function of the Dakwah Unit is to manage the affairs of Ibadah, Dakwah & Family Development. We deliver a wide range of classes conducted by accredited Islamic teachers, 7 days a week. Most of the classes conducted are free of charge and open to members of the public.

Our Dakwah Unit’s main objectives are based on the following values:

Enhancing Spirituality

Strengthen Darul Makmur Mosque as an institution that provide tranquillity and solace, as well as to enhance the spirituality of the community through highly effective socio-religious programmes that enhances spirituality, strengthens faith, increase the confidence and religious resilience within our community.

Guiding Community

Developing core mosque leadership to create the transformational change through our mosque and guide the community in an increasingly challenging world.

Changing Lives

Make the mosque as a touch point that changes lives by enhancing Islamic outreach, establishing a support base, increase participation in programmes and alleviating the social challenges of the community. Adopt a total service concept of “from cradle to the grave” to encourage congregants and families to view mosques as a central to their lives.

Some of our services and courses (in English):
Iqra’ classes in English
Arabic language course in English
Marriage Preparation Course
Family / One-to-one counselling (appointments are required)

*Some of our popular Dakwah classes include Mufti of Singapore Tafsir Al-Quran classes conducted every Sunday after maghrib and Ustazah Habsah Senin’s religious classes for Muslimah every Thursday after maghrib.

Find Us At

Masjid Darul Makmur
950 Yishun Ave 2
Singapore 769099


Contact Us Via

Email: korporat@darulmakmur.mosque.org.sg
Phone: +65 6752 1402

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