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Financial Assistance Applications

MUIS provides financial assistance by disbursing Zakat (tithe) which it collects from the Muslim community. Zakat is distributed to 8 different types of asnaf (beneficiaries) such as the poor, the needy, those in debt, the student pursuing religious education, among others.

Who qualifies for Muis Zakat Financial Assistance?

Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents:

  • suffering from chronic illness / kidney failure / physical or mental disabilities
  • who have insufficient income
  • whose head of the family is currently in prison / DRC
  • who are single parents in need of financial support

What qualifies as insufficient income?

A family or an individual is considered having insufficient income when the monthly Per Capita Income (PCI) is less than $350. 

PCI is computed by dividing a family’s gross monthly household income by the number of family members living in the same household. This may include extended family members. An Example as below:


Muslim Singaporeans are entitled to National Assistance Schemes. What Muis provides to Zakat beneficiaries is designed to complement the assistance provided by national agencies.

Potential Zakat beneficiaries are encouraged to explore national financial assistance schemes such as ComCare to ensure that their immediate needs are better met through national support systems. Muis will complement such assistance by providing additional financial support.

Type of assistance schemes available through Zakat:

  • Monthly Zakat Financial Assistance
    • Monthly cash assistance for those who are eligible

For more details and to apply for Financial Assistance, contact us at 6852 8350.

Appointments must be made for the interview.